Company History


Foundation of "Rohr- und Fittingsfabrik, Zwick, Lang & Stede oHG" by August Zwick, Walter Lang and Hermann Stede.
  Product range: Joints and bends for armoured steel tubes, peschel conduits and tube parts for the sanitary branch.
Production in rented .



Acquisition of a 5.500 m² production facility in Hagen-Hohenlimburg and production of autogenous  welded tubes. 

Forming of open-seam tubes with the "Kaltziehverfahren" technology on draw benches.




Albrecht Zwick, grandson of August Zwick, succeeds in deforming stainless steel coils of the qualities 1.4762/ 1.4772 to a tube with very tight tolerances through a special tube drawing proceeding and subsequent TIG-welding.


Albrecht Zwick acquires the partnership of his grandfather August Zwick.


Albrecht Zwick becomes sole owner of the company.


Start of production of welded stainless steel tubes (round, square and rectangular). Quality 1.4301, 4571 and other.

1978  Conversion of the company into a KG (capital company).


Relocation of the company to the industrial park "Hagen - Unteres Lennetal", Bandstahlstr 27 and expansion of the company area up to 8.000 m².


Dipl.-Ing. Achim Zwick joins the company.


Conversion of the company into a GmbH.

The in-house production of welded tubes is reduced, the trade enhanced. 

1998 Albrecht Zwick retires from the company for age reasons. Son Achim Zwick becomes sole managing director.
2004 Expansion of storage capacity with additional 12.000 m² through purchase and renovation of further storage facilities at Bandstahlstr. 30. With a property surface of 38.000 m² there is space for further storage halls.                          




Completion of renovation of the storage facilities at Bandstahlstr. 30 and full utilisation.
2012 Planning for futher storage halls. 

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