In-house produced TIG-/Laser-welded Square Tubes

On our own profiling lines we are able to produce the following dimensions 


          10 x 10 x 1,0 mm to 200 x 200 x 6,0 mm (square)
          20 x 10 x 1,0 mm to 300 x 100 x 6,0 mm (rectangular) 
With our own grinding line we are able to deliver all profiles with grinded surface (K240/320).


When producing the profiles we are not trying to rectangle a round tube!

We are profiling directly from coil to profile using modern WIG- / Laser welding machines.

We are producing profiles in quality 1.4301 (304) and 1.4571 (316L) according to DIN 17440 and 2395 as documented in our Zwick standard specification 001. 

For usage in the automotive production we are also producing profiles in quality 1.4003.


  • defined weld position.
  • production of customer-specific edge radii. 
  • Special length up to 18m.
  • Production also in special materials.